Workplace Air Monitoring 

Monitoring of airborne substances covered by COSHH is performed to ascertain exposure levels, to allow comparisons to the HSE Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs). This service ensures compliance with Regulation 10 of the COSHH Regulations.



A thorough examination and test of LEVs is carried out to determine the effectiveness of the control of airborne substances. This is a requirement under Regulation 9 of the COSHH Regs.



we can assess the indoor environment to determine sources of discomfort or ill health whether they be physical, chemical or microbiological. Our teams have completed numerous surveys in governmental buildings, hospitals and private residences, delivering advice on how to improve working conditions and increase productivity.


COSHH Assessment

We ascertain the potential health risks of operations carried out on sites and the possible route of entry for substances covered under the COSHH Regulations. Substances monitored include chemical and biological agents. All subsequent sample analysis is completed by UKAS accredited labs.

WORKPLACE Noise Exposure

We monitor noise levels within the workplace to ensure compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. We provide a full assessment, a detailed noise map and a full assessment of PPE suitability used on site. We also give guidance on relevant noise control measures, suitable PPE and health surveillance.

Hand-Arm and Whole Body Vibration Exposure

Measurement of vibration generated by hand tools is undertaken to assess compliance with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. We compare readings with the exposure limits set under the Regulations and recommend measures to remove or reduce exposure.

Hazardous Materials Surveys

We conduct surveys on site to establish the extent of hazardous materials present. We offer an emergency service and establish the risks posed to ensure the safety of anyone coming into contact with these materials. We sample and analyse for a wide variety of materials.

Environmental Noise Assessments

Environmental noise assessments are an integral part of planning procedures - with BS 4142:2014 required for any large development that directly affects its environment. We monitor environmental noise over long periods, analysing background noise and conducting noise assessments during peak hours, off-peak and at night as required.