• We Ensure New Product is Safe to Manufacture

    A health and safety audit highlighted that a new product would use substances controlled under EH40. It was not known if the proposed control measures (Personal Protective Equipment PPE, Local Exhaust Ventilation LEV and training) were appropriate.

    ISS were called upon to provide advice. We recommended the setting up of a small-scale test area where the process could be accurately simulated. We then investigated the process and how the material was used; we completed air monitoring so suitable ventilation could be installed. From this study we identified that the proposed control measures were inappropriate. We engaged with and briefed an LEV design and installation company to provide an effective solution.

    We advised the client in the selection of correct PPE and its use as well as delivered tool box talks on the handling of the hazardous materials. Once the manufacturing line was fully operational, we completed a walk through with the client and suggested a follow up monitoring programme including 14-monthly assessment of the LEV installation; this was completed, the data showing that the new control measures were extremely effective.

    Production continues...efficiently and safely

  • We Prevent Damage to Historic Buildings During Road Resurfacing

    Our structural vibration experts were asked by a large construction company to quantify the risk of damage to historic buildings in the ancient town of Royal Wooton Bassett, during road resurfacing.

    Wooton Bassett has many fine Tudor-period and medieval buildings very close to the road side, some with basements below road-level, which led to concerns about the potential for damage to property, especially during planing operations.

    We implemented a vibration monitoring programme of planing, compaction and rolling operations to identify the processes that could cause structural damage. We monitored changes to vibration levels through varying operating modes. This reduced the risk of damage by using slower planer passes, shallower planing depth and static compaction rather than vibratory compaction, providing the road team with the confidence to operate in the most effective manner.

    Public perception is important when undertaking works in historic locations. In order to gain “buy in” from the local community and other stakeholders, our team engaged with locals and members of the Town Council to demonstrate the technology and explain how it was being applied to protect their town and its historic buildings.

  • We Help Manage and Reduce Vibration Exposure at Spanish Tunnelling Site

    ISS was appointed by an international construction company to manage the risk of hand arm vibration syndrome(HAVS) exposure. The company has over 4000 employees of which 60% are involved in direct construction activities including many activities that can lead to HAVS such as drilling, cutting and breaking.

    We audited a number of operations at a large infrastructure tunnelling project in Spain and presented our findings to the health and safety management team. From this a number of control sites were identified. Within each site, exposure groups were established and selected operators monitored.

    From this data we produced and presented risk assessments and subsequently recommended robust solutions to reduce the exposure to vibration.

    We also delivered a series of tool box talks and training sessions with management and operators to ensure the provision of appropriate information, instruction and training of their employees.

    Our work is ongoing at a number of their other locations; in addition to further HAV monitoring we are delivering other occupational hygiene services including, air monitoring for diesel fume, dust and respirable crystalline silica.

  • SME Complies with Improvement Notice Cost Effectively

    A joinery and furniture manufacturer had an Improvement Notice placed on them for failing to complete a workplace noise assessment.
    They called us in to help make the improvements necessary to comply with the Improvement Notice.

    We conducted a full noise survey that identified high noise levels. The type of machinery the client uses means attenuating noise at source is difficult and prohibitively expensive. In recognition of their budget constraints, we approached the solution from a different perspective recommending pragmatic, easily and quickly implementable solutions. We also advised and managed a longer term solution to noise attenuation. Further, we recommended and facilitated an occupational health provision.

    We added value by completing a HAV (Hand Arm Vibration) survey while on site and provided noise awareness training to operators. The Improvement Notice was complied with, the Inspector satisfied that not only had the monitoring been completed, but effective improvements had been made to reduce noise at source and that training had been completed. In addition the HSE Inspector was impressed that the company had acted in a proactive manner in requesting HAV monitoring in addition to the noise assessment.

    A successful outcome achieved in a cost-effective manner.