On this page you'll find useful information that can be downloaded to help make your workplace safer; feel free to download and use as necessary. Some are written by our own fair hands, others are official documents and Guidance that H&S professionals need to be aware of.

If you need any of these topics presented in an awareness training campaign or tool box talk, let us know. Also, if there any topics you'd like us to cover that aren't here then we'd be happy to add them.

We hope you find these useful.


Our Fact Sheets:

FACTSHEET 001 - Face Fit Testing, The Basics

FACTSHEET 002 - Working With Lead At Work

FACTSHEET 003 - Working with Isocyanates


Useful Videos:


Official Documents:

WELs - Health & Safety Executive's list of workplace exposure limits EH40/2013

Noise - Health & Safety Executive brief guide to controlling noise at work INDG362

Vibration - Health & Safety Executive grief guide to controlling vibration at work INDG175

LEVControlling airborne contaminants at work: A guide to local exhaust ventilation (LEV) HSG258

Respiratory Protection - Health & Safety Executive guide to respiratory protection at work - HSG53


HSE Myth Busters! The Myth Busters Challenge Panel provides a mechanism to independently challenge advice or decisions, made in the name of health and safety, that arebelieved to be disproportionate or inaccurate